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What environmentally friendly packaging can Tomax provide?

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With the increasing calls for environment protection, resources saving, the use of environmentally friendly packaging that is harmless, pollution-free, and renewable is popularizing. Tomax upholds the responsibility of contributing to the world's environmental protection, now provides the options for customers with GRS certified plastic packaging bags, FSC certified cartons, and both GRS and FSC certified tags. 

1. Plastic packaging bag: using renewable raw materials to realize the recycling of waste materials and reduce the over-exploitation of energy. The GRS certification has strict requirement on the use of raw materials, the treatment of waste water in the production process, and the use of chemicals.


2. Carton: FSC certified cartons largely have a good impact on the environment.

Mainly reflected in the following points:

① Reduce forest destruction and waste of limited resources;

② Protect endangered species to maintain biodiversity and make a contribution to the sustainable forest management;

③ To protect water resources, soil and our fragile ecosystem;

④ To improve the use of forest resources and make them develop into a better direction.


3. Tag: Tomax can provide tags with both of the GRS certification and FSC certification made of environmentally friendly recycled paper.